Long-lived particles in dark matter searches at the LHC

by Nishita Desai

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 from to (Europe/Vienna)
Searching for dark matter (DM) has become a priority in beyond standard model searches at the LHC, most of which rely on missing energy signatures.  However, if the DM particle is produced via mediators, the most sensitive searches will be direct searches for the mediators instead.  By constructing a next-to-minimal model of DM, we show how such a scenario naturally leads to particles that are long-lived on the scale of the detector and require specialised searches.  We further show that these searches constrain a parameter space that is inaccessible by direct detection, and therefore are crucial to provide full coverage of parameter space. Long-lived particles are also a natural feature of models with co-annihlation and will be the first collider signal in several cases of SUSY dark matter.