Cosmic Ray Physics — a short overview from the discovery to Dark Matter

by Pierre Salati (LAPTh, Annecy)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 from to (Europe/Vienna)
The discovery of cosmic rays has been the starting point of high-energy physics. A century later, their study is still a very active field with connections to cosmology. After a brief historical introduction, I will present the Leaky Box model which provides a very simple yet pedagogical framework to understand how charged particles propagate within the Milky Way. Probes of cosmic ray propagation, such as the boron-to-carbon ratio, readily point toward diffusive transport on which modern numerical codes such as Galprop, Dragon or Usine are based. After a presentation of how diffusion is implemented, I will discuss how cosmic rays are accelerated inside the Galaxy by violent events such as supernova explosions. I will finally discuss a few recent hot topics, in connection to Dark Matter searches.