Razor for sculpting new physics

by Sezen Sekmen

Thursday, 4 December 2014 from to (Europe/Vienna)
at HEPHY ( Library )
At the LHC, we are fervently searching for new particles, and simultaneously for the best tools to search for new particles. 
A set of kinematic variables called "the razor variables" are shown to be most sensitive to new physics, especially for the cases having a massive, invisible particle at the final state which can be a dark matter candidate.  The razor variables are designed to express new physics signals as peaks defined by the new particle mass scale over exponentially falling standard model backgrounds, which causes their high sensitivity.  In this talk, I will introduce and derive the razor variables and describe how they have been used on the CMS and ATLAS data to sculpt the new physics phase space in a diversity of channels, ranging from inclusive searches to direct dark matter searches, from final states with photons to those with boosted objects.